Who We Are

The Center’s philosophy embodies pedagogical considerations for our diverse student body across the Globe; transforming those considerations into best teaching practices, curriculum design and faculty development initiatives and support. Emphasis and deliberation are also assigned to the integration of appropriate technologies that lend themselves to promoting students’ academic achievements.

Our Team

CAES is made up of a team of professionals dedicated to Excellence in Education; Pedagogical Experts, Instructional Designers (ID), Educational Technologists (ET), Media Technologists, Technicians and Administrators.



  • Connee Zotos, Associate Dean, The Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs
  • Karen Miner-Romanoff, Assistant Dean, The Center for Academic Excellence and Support

Admin Team

  • Shawncie Smith, Director, Administration
  • Elaine Wilcox, Program Administrator
  • Tim Fenn, Administrative Aide II
  • Camryn M Mothersbaugh, Administrative Aide II

ID Team

  • Itewari Bryan, Instructional Designer

ET Team

  • Christopher Zakrzewski, Director, Education Technology

Media Team

  • Mark Parsia, Technical Operations Supervisor
  • Brian Feeney, Media Services Technician
  • Paul (Kritpol) Ampunun, PC Support Technician III


Contact Us
NYU School of Professional Studies:  The Center for Academic Excellence & Support (CAES), 7 East 12th Street 4th Floor New York, NY 10003. Click Here to Request a Consult, Call us at: 212-992-9137 or Email: caes.sps@nyu.edu