Faculty Development Initiatives (FDI)

Our ongoing professional development and faculty services include Faculty Development Initiatives (FDI) with offerings which embody and promote the following four educational principles that we hope will underlie all teaching at NYUSPS.

  1. Teaching at SPS should promote high standards, applied equally to all students, within a framework that makes it possible for students to achieve those standards.
  2. Teaching at SPS should keep in mind the diversity (global and other) of the student body in both pedagogy and curriculum design.
  3. Teaching at SPS should emphasize writing and communication skills in every course, regardless of subject matter.
  4. Teaching at SPS should use technology to enhance pedagogy, keeping in mind that we operate in a technology rich world.

Below are our four teaching buckets that foster our Faculty Development Initiatives.


Curriculum Development

Good teaching requires good course design. Programs in this category help faculty design learner centered courses that link learning outcomes to program goals and assessment strategies. Courses in syllabus design, learning outcomes, and assessment strategies break down the process so faculty can feel confident about their course planning.

Curriculum Delivery

Courses at SPS are delivered in a variety of formats – in-person, online asynchronous, online synchronous, hybrid (a combination of synchronous and asynchronous), and blended (a combination of in-person and online). Each format provides opportunities for inventive curriculum delivery. Programs in this category help faculty develop interesting and effective ways of enlivening students’ experiences in all of the available formats. Programs in this area introduce faculty to both best practice and technological skills needed to create dynamic and effective methods of presenting material.

Classroom Management

Every teaching situation, regardless of format, presents challenges to teachers.

  • How do we handle a diverse student population?
  • What are the best ways to manage time in a long class?
  • How do you get shy students to speak?
  • What are the best ways of responding to student writing?
  • What resources are available to help manage situations?

Programs and presentations provide simple and practical ways of responding to dilemmas that arise while one is teaching a class.

Faculty Community

In addition to the organic community that grows out of the programs, CAES, in conjunction with the Dean’s Office, the Office if Academic Affairs and other parts of the School, supports a number of initiatives that combine the commitment to teaching with a commitment to the community that is SPS. Among the initiatives are all day conferences, mentorship programs, resource fairs, roundtable discussions, receptions, and social gatherings.