Diane Rubino

“This class was messy, but fun and interesting”! – Diane

Photo caption: Diane developed a collage workshop to help support NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing doctoral students during their dissertation process.

Diane Rubino has worked with the CAES team and recently highlighted CAES in her published piece for Wiley; “My Millennials, My Self: 8 Things I’ve Learned From Teaching Millennials“.

BIO: Diane Rubino is a triple dipper at NYU. In addition to teaching at SPS, she earned undergraduate and graduate degrees here. Much of her career has been in international development and public health communications. In her current consulting practice she focuses on enhancing prospects for marginalized groups like child brides. Diane also develops skill-building workshops, helping people express personal values in difficult circumstances and using art and acting techniques to give individuals an opportunity to explore their own moral compass. She is looking to use similar techniques to craft forum to address issues in bioethics as well as in the area of racial inequities.

In her own time, she’s logged countless hours developing her own voice in Toastmasters and serving as the voice for those in need, like mentally ill older adults and the terminally ill. Diane’s also passionate about political organizing. During the last election cycle alone, she visited over 500 homes to register voters and encourage turnout for Hillary Clinton.

Since coming to SPS, she’s become an active member of the community by serving as an elected Faculty Council member and an ex officio member of the Assessment Committee. My Millenials, My Self is the description of her journey as an instructor, written for Wiley’s Educate Exchange, a pedagogy site.