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  1. Audacity – Audio software recorder, editor and mixer (free)
  2. Audio Expert – A free and simple online audio editor, file converter and sound recorder
  3. Jamendo – A community of free, legal and unlimited music published under Creative Commons licenses  (free)
  4. UJAM – UJAM is a cloud-based platform that empowers users to easily create and share music (free)
  1. Animoto – Animoto is a web based platform for creating quality slideshows from users’ uploaded photos and videos (free education license available)
  2. Camstudio – Camstudio is a desktop application that allows you to record your computer screen (free)
  3. DotSUb – Upload a video and create your own subtitles. Excellent resource for language instruction (free)
  4. EDpuzzle – EDpuzzle is a simple tool that allows instructors to create video lessons for students. Instructors can also crop, and edit videos and add questions students’ collaboration and feedback.
  5. GoAnimate: GoAnimate is a free web tool that allows you to create and publish interactive, instructional, animated movies and videos, using text-to-speech technology
  6. TeacherTube– TeacherTube is another popular site to share and search for educational videos that can be used by both students and teachers
  7. Vimeo: Vimeo is a video hosting website that also allows users to export, embed, share and user-commenting
  8. YouTube: YouTube is a video hosting website for video and media uploads, viewing, commenting and sharing
  9. Masher – Masher us an online video editor that allows users to create by mixing together video clips, music tracks, and photos (free)
  10. Zaption – Zaption allows teachers to create customized lessons with online video, images, text, and an array of question types (free)
  11. Storyline- Story Maps – A website for combining authoritative maps with narrative text, images, and multimedia content (free for non-commercial use)
  12. Adobe Spark – Short video creation tool
  13. Commoncraft – Commoncraft hosts three-minute videos to help educators introduce complex subjects (free to view)
  14. TED – Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world (free)
  15. Vimeo – A simple yet effective video uploading and sharing site (free)
  16. Youtube/edu – This youtube education version supports videos from education institutions
  1. Jing– Screen capture software that allows users to create a video up to 5 minutes. Users can either download the video created or share it using
  2. Pixorial – Upload, edit, convert and organize video files (free for a basic account only)
  3. Stupeflix – Use templates to make creative online videos by combining user’s images, videos and audio (free basic account)
  4. Screencast – Screencast is a storage and sharing site used in partnership with Jing (a screen capture tool)
  5. Screenr – Screenr is a web based screen recorder that allows users to create and share screen recordings on the web
  6. Screenomatic –Screenomatic is a one-click screen recording tool (free)


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