Course Design Process

The course design process at CAES is a collaborative one between our Instructional Designers (IDs) and Course Developers (CDs) that includes two main phases.

The first phase is the Design and Development Phase: we recommend that faculty start the course design preparation process six to eight weeks before the course start date.

The second phase is the Implementation and Course Build Phase: we ask that the course be “student-ready” three weeks before the course start date and published in NYU Classes, seven calendar days prior to the start date. NYU Classes is the university’s Learning Management System (LMS), and authorized users may access NYU classes via

The CAES instructional design method is the Backward Design model. Learning experiences should be planned with the final assessment (capstone/ project / work product) in mind. This method of curricular design allows faculty to proceed through the following three stages to support development of their in-person and online courses.

Stage 1: Identify desired results.
Stage 2: Determine acceptable evidence.
Stage 3: Plan learning experiences and instruction.

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The Center for Academic Excellence and Support (CAES) has highly skilled Instructional Designers and Educational Technologists that are available to guide faculty in designing interactive and engaging courses.

Below are NYSPS Course Delivery Format Definitions:

IN-PERSON: Lecture or lab onsite in a classroom.
ASYNCHRONOUS: Faculty-led, self-paced, online course with content available during set timeframe.
SYNCHRONOUS: Online course with real-time virtual sessions with all participants logged in simultaneously.
BLENDED: A mix of in-person and asynchronous; may hold some synchronous sessions.
HYBRID: Online course with a mix of asynchronous and synchronous.

Teaching faculty are expected to have a student ready course one week in advance of the course start date.

A Student-Ready course meets the following criteria:

  1. A Welcome Announcement
  2. An academic department approved Syllabus
  3. The first few lessons posted (e.g. text, videos, assignments, discussion prompts, etc.)

Please note, any courses not student-ready three weeks before the course launch date, and published (viewable to registered students) seven calendar days before the course launch date, may be delayed or cancelled.