Our Services

New Faculty Orientation

Each semester, in collaboration with the Office of Faculty Affairs, we host the new Faculty Orientation. The community-building event provides new NYU School of Professional Studies faculty an opportunity to learn more about our school’s culture and its commitment to quality education for our students.

1:1 ID/ET Consultations (1:1 Consultation Request Form click here)

CAES offers 1:1 consultations for in-person and online courses. During these consultations, we discuss best practices in teaching, course design, development, educational technology, media asset creation and teaching strategies. We also offer guidance on using technology in a purposeful way to enhance pedagogical innovation.  To meet the needs of our diverse faculty, appointments can be online, on the phone, or in-person.

Course Design/Development

CAES partners course developers with an Instructional Designer to help navigate course activities along the technology spectrum. Course design grounded in educational theory drives how the content is delivered. We couple the “Backward Design” method with a strategic use of technology to enhance the teaching and learning experience for both faculty and students. Faculty integrate technology into the classroom as a means of meeting learning outcomes. Some courses may add a bit of technology, while others may move to a wholly online model.

Media Asset Creation / Technology Tools

Instructional course content can take on many forms (ex: graphic visualizations, slides, images, videos, audio podcasts, wordpress sites, digital handouts, etc). The university supports a vast resource for technology tools and solutions that extend exciting possibilities. Our team at CAES can help navigate through all these options by offering demonstrations, best practice techniques, 1:1 support and documentation to help faculty design and create effective, appropriate and engaging course content.

NYU Classes Overview (Request an NYU Classes Overview consult)

The overview provides a step-by-step guide to populating your course into the school’s learning management system (LMS) NYU Classes.  This is an asynchronous course with a two-week window where faculty can receive direct feedback from our team.  The overview provides information on other classroom tools such as our web conferencing tool BigBlue Button and NYU Stream, which is used to record video lectures.

The Meetings Tool Overview  (Request a Meetings Tool Overview)

Faculty teaching a course with a synchronous component are asked to participate in the Meetings Tool overview session. The training is a hybrid training with two parts.  Part 1: Asynchronous: reviewing general information about the Meetings Tool within NYU Classes as well as best practices with the synchronous environment. Part 2: Synchronous: meeting with 5 our technician within the Meetings Tool environment to review the interface and troubleshoot common issues. 

Contact Us
NYU School of Professional Studies:  The Center for Academic Excellence & Support (CAES), 7 East 12th Street 4th Floor New York, NY 10003. Click Here to Request a Consult, Call us at: 212-992-9137 or Email: caes.sps@nyu.edu